Psydélic Red Iridescent Pendant, Small

Psydélic Red Iridescent Pendant, Small


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Inspired by the form of the scarab beetle, the pendants are reminiscent of precious amulets from ancient Egypt. Fine layers of metal oxides complete the craftsmanship.

The Psydelic range is available in clear iridescent, red iridescent and, the most desired, blue scarabee.  The Psydelic ring, Psydelic necklace and Psydelic wire earrings are also meticulously cut into the same glamorous silhouette. Psydelic jewellery is a glamorous gift for any occasion

The Psydelic pendants are exquisitely crafted in Baccarat’s famous French workshop. The teardrop shape is delicately suspended from a silver link to a adjustable silver chain.

Dimensions of pendant 23mm x 13mm

Length of chain 15 to 17 inches