Loco Stud Earrings

Loco Stud Earrings

Latham and Neve

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A single strip of beaten silver giving the illusion of three graphic leaf-shaped loops sitting proud on the lobe. These beautifully simple designs, pure and delicate are entirely hand-beaten with two textures, the upper side softly patinated with a smooth hammered underside, the edges making a contrast with their slightly uneven, rippled shininess. These earrings display the Loco signature shape which comes from the curved leaves on the loquat tree. The restrained elegance of the Loco design makes them perfect for any occasion. So show them off!

Dimensions: Approximate size 18x7x12mm

These earrings are made with all of L&N's attention to detail; other jewellers may polish to a mirror finish, but we know just where to draw the curvy line. Staying true to L&N's design philosophy, Loco Stud Earrings are pieces to wear forever. L&N is Modernist but wearable, cool but comfortable; the finish is exact and every piece is made to be easy to put on and to remove, and to look fabulous. Pair them with the Loco Trio bangle for subtle elegance. L&N makes everything in the UK; we use only British Hall-marked silver and gold, and these beautiful modern earrings are made and finished in our workshop in the Garden of England, and sent to you in a stylish gift box exclusive to Latham & Neve. But you might as well keep them. You’d be plumb loco to do anything else.