Loco Drop Earrings

Loco Drop Earrings

Latham and Neve

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The beautifully simple design is formed in the characteristic Loco shape which comes from the curved leaves of the loquat tree, individual and unique. Entirely hand-beaten with two textures, the outer side softly patinated with a smooth hammered inside, the edges making a lovely contrast to the surfaces with their slightly uneven, rippled shininess, the bold simplicity is almost shocking. This signature Loco pair is unmistakably Latham and Neve, with its fine, distinctive form; its restrained elegance makes it perfect for any occasion. So show it off!

Dimensions: 58mm x 17mm Overall size Depth of curve 15mm

L&N’s design philosophy is Modernist but wearable, cool but comfortable; the finish is exact and every piece is made to be easy to put on and to remove and to look fabulous. The Loco Drop Earrings are made entirely in our workshops in the Garden of England. L&N makes everything in the UK, and in the workshop; we use only British Hall-marked silver and gold, and every item is either handmade or finished by our makers. This pair comes in a gift-box, ready to go, so treat someone special. Or just buy it for yourself!