Klimm Ring

Klimm Ring


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Klimm is a dynamic bronze ring from the limited “Flame Bronze” collection. Striking design is coated in a lacquer that maintains the surface patina and avoids marking the skin. Head of ring measures 25 x 20mm, to a broad torc band, width 8mm.


“Flame Bronze jewellery designed by Professor Björn Weckström will be relaunched. The Flame Bronze collection formed part of the Lapponia product range in 1971–1979. The re-introduction of the line will be part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of Björn Weckström’s career as a Lapponia artist, and it will be on sale until the end of 2014.

In designing the Flame Bronze jewellery in the 1970s, Björn Weckström set out to create fusions of material, form and the names of the pieces, which were sharp observations of the topical social issues and world politics of the time. Industrialization and advances in technology made Weckström ponder the relationship between human beings and machines. Humans had created machines to make their lives easier, but have the machines in fact, without anyone paying any attention, started to change human beings – are we in control of machines, or is it the other way round? This discussion, more relevant today than ever, was manifested in machine parts married with the organic forms of the Flame Bronze pieces. Later, Weckström used the same elements in his large bronze sculptures, which were to a degree based on the Flame Bronze jewellery. Interestingly, the artist, who brought sculpture down to the scale of jewellery with his 1960s space silver jewellery, would later reiterate elements he first used in jewellery in his sculpture art.

The Flame Bronze collection includes four necklaces and four rings. The jewellery being re-launched to mark the career milestone of Professor Weckström will have details emphasized with black patina in contrast with polished bronze. The bronze pieces are protected with lacquer.”