Repairs, Cleaning and Restringing


Above our Grey Street store, we have a workshop where we, not only create beautiful designs, but can also repair and restore your treasured jewellery.  We will endeavour to restore your jewels to the best possible condition as much as the existing jewellery will allow.  In some cases, this is not possible and we will advise if a piece can be repaired or remodelled.  If we feel that the gemstones would benefit from being re-polished we can also arrange for this work to be carried out by a skilled lapidarist.

Our jeweller has over 50 years of experience in making, restoring and repairing jewellery.  We trust his expertise and skill, however, like all things, work carried out is at your own risk and all possible precaution will be taken.

We can provide an estimate for you and a quote for your insurance company if you wish to make a claim.  A written estimate is charged at £30, this is redeemable against the work should you like to proceed.   If, during the work, further problems are identified, a second estimated will be provided.


Have a special event you’d like to have your jewellery sparkling for? We offer an in-house cleaning service.  We don’t just “dip” your jewellery in cleaning fluid, our jeweller takes his time to steep, place you jewellery in an ultra-sonic bath (if appropriate) and steam clean the jewels so that they are immaculately clean.  For this service we charge £30 per item.  If you require rhodium plating this is an addition £20 minimum per ring (we quote for larger items such as bangles and necklaces).  We can polish jewellery back to high shine or satin finish however we recommend for this happens occasionally.  Polishing takes away a layer of metal, and excessive polishing over time, this can weaken the item. 

Pearl Restringing

Pearl necklaces are beautiful pieces but they do require a little maintenance over the years. Pearls are traditionally strung on thread.  This protects the inside of the pearl and allows the necklaces to hang in the correct shape.  Over time the thread can starch and wear out.  This is quite normal and occasional rethreading is required.  We can arrange for your pearls to be restrung by the best stringers in the country.  A classic 16 to 18 inch necklace is charged at £40 each (we provide an estimate for larger or more complicated necklaces/ bracelets).

Engraving Restoration

Some of our most sentimental items are engraved and a well-worn piece can wear over time.  We can arrange for engraving to be restored, provided there is adequate metal remaining and that it doesn’t not jeopardise the piece as a whole.  We provide an estimate based on the work required for this.