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Pearl Jewellery at Davidsons the Jewellers
Pearls, throughout history, have been one of the most sort after of gemstones.  From Cleopatra to Coco Chanel to the present day; pearls have been the ultimate symbol of social status and wealth.  Covetted for their rarity, their warm iridescence and their alluring lustre; here at Davidsons we showcase some of the finest jewels the sea has to offer. 
The pearl is formed when a bead is introduced into a mollusc and the placed in the sea for several years.  During this time the mollusc coats the bead in layers of nacre; the more layers the sharper the lustre and therefore the more valuable the pearl is.   There is no guarantee that a “perfect pearl” will be produced.  They are at the mercy of nature and what is recovered may not be what was expected.  This is why strands of pearls with beautifully matched pearls of the same colour, shape, size and lustre are by no means in abundance.
The classic single strand of pearls is traditionally worn in various lengths.  These lengths are:
14 to 16" - Choker
18" - Princess
24" - Matinee 
32 to 34" - Opera
40" plus - Rope
At Davidsons, we are fascinated by the beauty of pearls.  Our collections range from baroque (meaning misshapen) freshwater to perfectly matched Tahitian and Golden South Seas. 
Our range include contemporary designs by London Road and Fei Liu and Gellner and timeless pieces from Samuel Jones Pearls.  Our most exclusive collection is only available in our Grey Street store.  Call in and make today special.

A selections of Pearl Jewellery available from Davidsons