Last day of business 31st January 2019

Men's Collection

Here at Davidsons we’ve been busy searching for the perfect men’s jewellery collection.  Men’s jewellery has come into its own in recent times.  (Read our blog post) Style conscious gents are finishing off there outfits with subtle touches.  With hot trends such as layering leather and metal bracelets, statement cufflinks, gold collar bars, tie tacks and, of course, the classic, stylish signet ring.  We believe no man should be seen without the latest accessories. 
Why should the ladies have all the enjoyment of fine jewellery? Our collection ranges from the refined understated classics to the bold and daring statement pieces; whichever your personality, the details are what turn the average into the extraordinary. 
Looking for a special gent’s ring? We have a vast collection of men’s engagement rings, masculine contemporary rings, and classic signets ready to be engraved with your family crest or initials. 
At Davidsons you have a world of choice. The options are endless! 
Choosing the perfect gent’s jewellery might seem daunting, but our knowledgeable staff are here to help guide you to your own personal style.

A selections of Men's Jewellery and Accessories available from Davidsons