Last day of business 31st January 2019

Meet the Team

Helen Davidson, FGA, MIRV

Experience: Director of Davidsons with 38 years experience, Fellow of the Gemmological Association, Member of HRD Graduates Club and Member of Institute of Registered Valuers.

Favourite Gemstone: Emerald... The depth of colour of a fine emerald is mesmerising.

"I'm proud of the fact that Davidsons can offer something that no one else in the North East can.  Our service is second to none as well as our expertise which has been finely tuned over many decades."

Tony Davidson, FGA

Experience: Director of Davidsons with 33 years experience, Fellow of the Gemmological Association,

Favourite Gemstone: Ruby... fine rubies are extremely rare and have amazing depth of colour.

"I've enjoyed meeting customers over the years; meeting people who appreciate jewellery that has a touch of individuality and understand what we are about."

John Douglas

Experience: 50+ years of jewellery making.  Apprenticed to Stanley Davidson, Helen and Tony’s grandfarther.

Favourite Gemstone: Sapphire... Because of the range of colours within the gemstone family. 

“I still get enormous pleasure from making jewellery. I enjoy it now as much as I did 52 years ago.”

Emma McIntosh, BA (hons)

Experience: Manager of Davidsons for 11 years, Level 3 Diploma in Gemmology, BA (hons) Contemporary Decorative Crafts, specialising in Jewellery.

Favourite Gemstone: Star Sapphire... such a fascinating stone.

“Jewellery is such a unique possession.  Throughout my time with Davidsons I have always enjoyed helping a client discover jewellery that is right for them.  It’s such a joy to help a customer move from “the norm” or what everyone else has and dare to buy a bold piece that they absolutely adore.”

Sandra Hetherington

Experience: 11 years of working with Davidsons

Favourite Gemstone: Diamonds… they're sparkle, of course!

“It’s wonderful working with a group of people who are passionate about what they do.  I’ve learnt so much from our jeweller, who never ceases to amaze me with his problem solving and his traditional methods of working.  Our clientele is varied and interesting and always a pleasure to help.”

Samantha Griffiths

Experience: 7 years of working with Davidsons, Jewellery Education and Training (JET) Certificate.

Favourite Gemstone: Jade… because of their vivid colours and it’s my middle name.

“Davidsons has such a great team ethos; we all support each other and our mission is to give the best service to the customer.  Helping a client with a special purchase is such an honour and a pleasure to be a part of.”