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Tanzanite and diamond pendant and earrings
Gemstones have fascinated mankind for thousands of years.  Regarded as symbols of wealth and power, they have been mounted on tiaras, crowns, sceptres and sewn into clothes.  As well as their intrinsic value; gemstones have been thought to have healing and magical properties.  Stones worn as amulets we thought to attract love, cure illness and even to prevent drunkenness!
Today gemstones are desired for their rarity, beauty and sentimental meaning.  Rubies set into jewellery to celebrate a 40th wedding anniversary, while sapphire to celebrate a September birthday.  Birthdays, wedding anniversaries or just for the love of the colour; here, at Davidsons, we pride ourselves on collection of exceptional stones.  Our exciting and unique range is  handpicked by skilfully trained team comprising of Gemologist and Jewellery Designers.   As an independent, we are able to choose “one off” unique gemstones.  Not just Sapphire, Ruby or Emerald, but unusual gems such as Tanzanite, Spinel (pronounced Spin-el), Tsavorite (a rare green garnet) Tourmaline, Opal, Morganite, Jade, Aquamarine… the list in endless. 


Our talented, resident jeweller has made a superb collection of jewels.  Each bespoke piece is carefully handmade, highlighting the beauty of the gem.  With our extensive knowledge and skills we are sure to find your perfect piece.  Dare to be different and make today unforgettable.


A selections of Gemstone Jewellery available from Davidsons