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Diamond earrings and ring
Call in to our Newcastle jewellery store and view our excellent collection of diamond jewellery, many of the pieces hand crafted on the premises. When it comes to one of the most meaningful purchases you will ever make we are on hand to advise and guide you.
Also in our collection superb designs from many of the world’s leading jewellers including; D A Soley, Anna James, Stephen Foster, Raphael Collection, Hans Krieger, Ungar & Ungar.
Formed billions of years ago, only few survived the hazardous journey from the depths of the earth to reach the surface. It is estimated that as little as 350 tons have ever been mined, only about 50% of those are judged to be gem quality and even fewer are large enough to be cut into diamonds bigger than the head of a match. Approximately 250 tons of ore must be mined to produce a one carat polished diamond of gem quality.
Diamond is considered to be the most desirable of all gems and modern cutting methods enable the true brilliance of this stunning gemstone to be revealed. During the time-consuming process of cutting it is estimated that, on average, each stone will lose 50% of its original weight. The shape of the diamond and precision and delicacy of its cut will determine the brilliance, fire and ultimate beauty of your diamond.

A selections of Diamond Jewellery available from Davidsons