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Above our Grey Street store is our workshop where we create beautiful bespoke designs. John is our skilled foreman, his workshop being in the upper floors of the building. He was apprenticed to Stanley Davidson and his experience is such that he is one of the most skilled craftsmen of his time, his creations are of a quality envied by high profile designers the world over.
Meticulous in detail and creating miniature engineering ‘miracles’, he specializes in platinum, one of the hardest metals to work successfully. Designs are often simple as when working with such beautiful stones rarely does he see a need to overcomplicate the mount or settings. Strength and wearability are as important as beauty.
Examples of John’s work can be seen here, showing his attention to detail and problem solving abilities.

Handmade Jewellery

Design of ring to final product

Jewellery making, soldering a ring

The making process of a diamond ring

Above: Handmade jewellery. Produced right here in our craftsman's workshop.

Sapphire and diamond ring. Fine jewellery

Above: Sapphire and diamond ring.

Sapphire and diamond Bubble pendant and earrings

Above: Sapphire and diamond Bubble pendant and earrings, handmade in platinum, exclusively at Davidsons.

2.00ct brilliant cut diamond engagement ring

Above: One of our stunning handmade diamond and platinum rings.

eighteen carat yellow gold and diamonds

Above: Two rings and cuff bangle in eighteen carat yellow gold and diamonds handmade by Davidsons.

Four gold and diamond rings handmade by John Douglas

Hinged gold an diamond bespoke ring

Above: Two bespoke gold and diamond rings. Four rings to interlock with each other and another, hinged, ring specially designed for a lady with arthritic fingers.  

Bespoke Aquamarine and diamond ring handmade by John Douglas

Above: A bespoke aquamarine and diamond rings

Sapphire and diamond bespoke ring

Above: A sapphire and diamond handmade ring

Ruby and diamond ring handmade by John Douglas

Above: A handmade ruby and diamond ring

Ribbon Ring handmade by John Douglas

Above: a 18ct gold and diamond, handmade "Ribbon" rings

Emerald Gent's gold ring

Above: A handmade emerald Gent's rings

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