Cannes Film Festival 2018 | Jewellery Trends and Highlights

The 2018 Cannes Film Festival has, once again, left us speechless.  The festival red carpet has never disappointed when it comes to exquisite jewellery.  We are always on the lookout for trends, and this year, there are three stand out themes. 


Statement Earrings 
The chandelier drop earring is a mainstay on the red carpet, but this year the move from just diamond jewellery to coloured gemstones is much more apparent. Diamonds are foreve,r as Dame Shirley once sang, but it is such a delight to see a splash of colour from sapphires, beryls, rubies and tourmalines. 


Emeralds, chrome tourmaline, tsavorites... Green gemstones are proving to be the most sort after colour to wear by celebrities gracing the red carpet. Green was a favourite colour during the protests at the Oscars and Golden Globe award ceremonies. Green symbolises "growth, renewal and hope" and this may be the reason it is still being represented at Cannes.


For a long while large earrings and no necklace was the big trend.  However, we're now seeing more and more glamourous necklaces and collars.  Not just in diamonds but in coloured gemstones.  The Paraiba Tourmaline, as worn by Julieanne Moore is so mesmerising. This gemstone is becoming more and more popular and it won't be long before it is the must have gemstone.