From 1898 to 2015 and beyond...

Davidsons 1970s
(Davidsons 1970)
Our family business has assisted customers for over one hundred and fifteen years.  From nervous fiancés to couples celebrating diamond wedding anniversaries to those celebrating a special birthday and those buying a present "just because".
indide Davidsons 1969
(Inside Davidsons 1969)
We pride ourselves on the fact that many of these customers come to us over and over again when they need a special gift for a special person.  
Robert, Stanley & Robert Allan Davidson
(L-R: Robert Davidson, Stanley Davidson and Robert Allan Davidson)
The current custodians of the business are brother and sister, Tony and Helen,  who have  seen much change over the years since they took the reins.  The reality is that a jeweller will always provide a personal and knowledgeable service.  Fine jewels must always be seen and handled to be appreciated.
Inside Davidsons 2015
(Inside Davidsons 2015)
Tradition and values are the core of our business and we hope to be able to provide such a trusted service for many years to come.