There are few pieces of jewellery that make such a statement as a Gentleman’s signet ring.
Signet ring
Signet ring style 
Originally used to ‘sign’ your crest impression in wax and seal letters, hence the name.   They symbolise a rich heritage and an abundance of style.  If they are embellished by a family crest or monogram this is even more evident.

A man who is confident in his skin can carry off a bold signet ring, with or without engraving, and it will add a final flourish to any outfit, from casual to city attire.
cara delevingne signet ring
And it's not just men who are getting involved in this classic look.  Women's signet rings are an ever growing trend.  As pictured, Cara Delevingne is sporting her seal engraved signet ring. 
9ct yellow gold signet ring
At Davidsons, we have a selection of signet rings in 9ct gold starting at around £335 that we can arrange to have your crest or initials hand engraved.


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